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2019 Sailing Prerequisites for Instructors and Coaches

Sail Canada has arranged that the required Sailor Level Prerequisites for 2019
-To teach CANSail 1/2 you still need at least CANSail 4
-To teach CANSail 3/4 you still need at least CANSail 5
-To teach CANSail 5/6 you still need at least CANSail 6 and
-To teach Chutes and Wires, you need still need at least CANSail 5 and Chutes and Wires 1

ASA still encourages instructors to do as much of the skill development as they can possibly attend to keep sharpening their sailing skills because it is likely that the Sailor Level Prerequisites will continue to increase in future years and improving your own sailing skills also improves your coaching skills… besides the fact that it is super fun to practice your sailing!

Instructor Development and Certification

Long Term Sailor Development Online Module
A vision of how sailing is organized as a sport, it is recommended that candidates take this before their Fundamental Course. Find it at
Time: An hour or less
Prerequisites: None
Cost: Free
Expires: Never

Fundamental Coaching Theory Clinic
The required theory course that all coaches must take prior to their technical course.
Time: One evening and two full days.
Prerequisites: None, although it is recommended to take the Long Term Sailor Development online module before attending the Fundamental Clinic
Cost: $200
Expires: Never

NCCP – Making Ethical Decisions Online Module
Online module to be completed before attending the Technical clinic. The topics will be introduced during the Fundamental Coaching Theory Clinic. Follow the instructions at:
Prerequisites: Fundamental Coaching Theory Clinic
Cost: Free
Expires: Never

Pleasure Craft Operators Card
Available at many locations, must be done before the Technical and the Coach Boat Safety clinics.
Prerequisites: None
Expires: Never

CANSail Technical (levels 1/2, 3/4, or 5/6)
The practical application of the theory learned in the Fundamental course. It gives coaches get on the water and coach real sailors with the assistance from Learning Facilitators. There are three qualifications that can be achieved. Multiple levels can be run at the same clinic, although the CANSail Technical 5/6 course is usually run separately. If a Trained status is achieved then the candidate is eligible to pay instructor dues ($160) to Sail Canada which covers $5,000,000 insurance and allows acccress to the CANSail material and the ability to award student certifications.
Time: One evening and two full days
Prerequisites: Aged 16+, CANSail Fundamental, Pleasure Craft Operator Card, Coach Boat Safety. It is strongly recommended that candidates get their sailing skills certified to the appropriate level before attending an Instructor Sailing Skills Upgrade session. According to Sail Canada policy, to be Trained in 2014 you need CANSail 4 Sailing skills, to teach CANSail 3/4 you need CANSail 5 Sailing skills and to teach CANSail 5/6 you need CANSail 6 sailing skills. If this seems too challenging do not despair! Contact the ASA Head Coach to help build an affordable plan to get you there and to keep you or get you working as an instructor.
Cost: $200
Expires: If ‘Trained’ level is acquired, the certification lasts for two years. If ‘Certified’ level is attained, the certification lasts for three years

Chutes & Wires Module
A professional development course focussed specifically on double-handed boats. The main focus is on rigging and skill development in 420s, with some discussion about 470s, 29ers and 49ers. Upon successful completion of this course, coaches will be trained to teach Chutes and Wires.
Time: Two full days
Prerequisites: Trained CANSail Coach (CANSail 5 and Chutes & Wires 1, or LTR+Silver is required to teach Chutes and Wires, but all coaches and sailors are welcome to take the course for their own professional development)
Cost: $150
Expires: Never

Opti Module and Wet Feet 
The Opti Module is a professional development course designed for coaches who will be working with young athletes age 6-10 in optimist dinghies. Emphasis is on rigging for safety and speed and sailing techniques.
Time: One day
Prerequisites: Trained CANSail Coach (any level)
Cost: $80
Expires: Never

Opti Race (CANSail 3) Module
This course is for coaches with some basic optimist experience. Candidates will work with optimist racing team sailors and will focus on developing racing skills and new coaching techniques specific to Opti sailing and coaching sailors ages 9-15.
Time: Two days
Prerequisites: Trained CANSail Coach (any level), Optimist experience, preferably Opti Module
Cost: $150
Expires: Never

Community Coach
The Community Coach Module is for new coaches who want to start as an assistant coach or volunteer with a sailing program. Community coaches cannot certify CANSail levels and are not eligible for Sail Canada Coach Insurance. The course is run in conjunction with Coach Boat Safety.
Time: One day
Prerequisites: Aged 15+, Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card, Emergency-Level First Aid
Cost: $100
Expires: Community Coach never expires, but Coach Boat Safety expires after 3 years

Coach Boat Safety
This is a practical, on-water safety course that will prepare coaches for possible emergencies. It is expected that coaches review this material prior to the course. Cadet SCOP is a valid alternative and Bronze medallion is a valid alternative until December 31, 2014 but it is not recommended for safety reasons. Candidates are evaluated on their coach boat skills at the Technical clinic, so the skills in this particular course are important.
Prerequisites: Pleasure Craft Operator Card, Emergency-level First Aid
Time: One day, however half of the time is on dry land and half of the time is on water so the course is often split up into two halves accordingly
Prerequisites: Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card, Emergency-Level First Aid
Cost: $110
Expires: after 3 years

CANSail Crossover
This is course to help orient instructors familiar with the Learn-To-Sail aka White Sail/Bronze Sail program in the current CANSail program.
Time: Half day, although it may be run as a more hands-on, practical one day professional development clinic
Prerequisites: To become a Trained CANSail instructor after taking this course Instructors must have been LTS Trained or Certified under the old White Sail/Bronze Sail curriculum, instructors must complete the NCCP Making Ethical Decisions “Competition Level” online module at:
the Sail Canada Long Term Sailor Development online module at:
and instructors must successfully demonstrate the appropriate Sailing Skill level for their level of coaching.
Cost: Free
Expires: CANSail Trained status lasts 2 years unless it is extended by becoming Certified.

Instructor Sailing Skills Upgrade
Each year the standards for sailing skills necessary to be trained as a CANSail instructor increase. In order to keep pace or get up to speed, Alberta Sailing is opening up most of its training camps to Instructors and offering other development opportunities. If you are concerned about your sailing skills contact the ASA Head Coach to build a plan to achieve your sailing skill goals.
Time: Depending on the clinic
Prerequisites: Trained CANSail Coach (Any Level)
Cost: Free
Expires: your skills expire if you stop using them, as an instructor or coach try to get out and sail as much as you can

Program Manager’s Module
The Program Manager Module is open to coaches and others looking to take on an administrative role within their sailing school program. Topics covered to include marketing, registration, communication and safety.
Time: One half day and two full days
Prerequisites: none, however the course is not recommended for first and second year instructors.
Cost: $200
Expires: Never

Coach Evaluation
After a successful evaluation, an instructor progresses from Trained to Certified. Evaluations usually take place over one session of a trained instructor’s normal class. As there are few groups of CANSail 5/6 sailors in Alberta, other formats are available for CANSail 5/6 coaches. In Alberta, if an evaluation is unsuccessful, the candidate may try again for free within one year. Candidates must provide a complete and appropriate Emergency Action Plan to their evaluator at the beginning of the evaluation.
Time: Typically one half day
Prerequisites: ‘Trained’ status in the CANSail level for which they want to become ‘Certified’
Cost: $75, no fee for a retry within one year depending on availability of evaluators
Expires: If the evaluation is successful the certification lasts for 3 years.

If you are interested in attending any of the above Instructor Development and Certification opportunities or others, please contact Alberta Sailing.