Alberta Series Standings as of August

Alberta Series Standings as of August

We are proud to present the current updated standings for the 2019 Alberta Series! Alberta Provincials is the only remaining regatta in the series, but if you think the competition is over, you’d be wrong- remember, Provincials counts for double points! As a reminder, the scoring for the Alberta Series uses the High Point Percentage method, so points are based on the fleet size, and more points are better. For example, a first place finish in a fleet of 15 boats is worth 15 points, a second place finish is worth 14, a third place is worth 13, and so on. This means that the more competitors we have at Provincials, the more points are up for grabs, so come join us at Wabamun Sailing Club from August 31 to September 2!

Laser Standard (the battle of the CYC and WSC Lasers – who will prevail?):

1.       Phil Paxton – CYC

2.       Barry Tee –  WSC

3.       Russel Krause –  WSC

4.       David Elliott –  CYC

5.       Glynis Dorey – WSC

Laser Radial (will the dynamic power couple be undefeated again this year or will Lee and/or the powerful GSC youth conquer all?):

1.       Stephen Reichenfeld – CYC

2.       Lesley Reichenfeld – CYC

3.       Lee Nagy – CYC

4.       Nathan Lemke – GSC

5.       Robbie Simpson – GSC

6.       Cameron Hay – GSC

7.       Rebeka Patterson – GSC

8.       Heidi Veluw – WSC

Laser 4.7 (the massive power struggle between Nicolas and Adam will come down to the wire!):

1.       Adam Chan – CYC

2.       Nicolas Dixon – GSC

Optimist (the battle of GSC and CYC youth continues!):

1.       Zairyn Mierau – CYC

2.       Duncan Hay – GSC

3.       Rohan Murley – GSC

4.       Sienna Bruchet – CYC

5.       Cameron Sullivan – CYC

6.       Aryan Virk – CYC

7.       Seren Moore Mitchell – CYC

8.       Barrett Duff – CYC

And that is all that we have – thank you!

Thank you to the RCs of all our member clubs for facilitating racing across Alberta!

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