AGM 2019

AGM 2019

Annual General Meeting
Saturday November 2, 2019
Red Deer College Room 2600

Please let the Sailing Director know if you plan to be in attendance
or call at 403-618-2393

AGM information:
Minutes of the previous AGM (Nov 3, 2018)

Lunch will be provided.

The day will begin with discussions and reports from the clubs. The business meeting will be called to order, tentatively at 1 pm.

Proposed agenda follows:

10:00 Coffee
10:30 Club Reports
12:00 Lunch and Registration

1:00 AGM called to order by the President President’s report Treasurer’s Report Secretary’s Report Director’s Reports Voting on Amended Bylaws – see below
Election of Officers – please contact
Stacey Gibb
before Friday, October 30, 2019 if you are interested in joining the ASA Board

3:00 Meeting adjournment
ASA Bylaws are found under “About ASA” on this site. Bylaws define member organizations and voting delegates, and establish the number of voting delegates that
each member organization can send.

The information that follows is intended to paraphrase the bylaws,
but if there is a conflict, the bylaws prevail.

Voting delegates must be active members of ASA
and of the organization they represent.

Please bring proof of membership.
Some organizations are entitled to send more than one voting delegate,
but each voting delegate has one vote.

To cast multiple votes, the organization needs to send multiple voting delegates.
The bylaws do not provide for proxy voting.
Quorum is 1/2 the possible number of voting delegates.

Community clubs may each send one voting delegate
Sailing schools may each send one voting delegate
Sailing clubs with 10 to 50 members may each send one voting delegate
Sailing clubs with 51 to 100 members may each send two voting delegates
Sailing clubs with over 100 members may each send an additional voting delegate for each additional 100 members

Election of Officers
The board consists of a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary,
and two to four directors at large
Officers are elected by majority vote of voting delegates at the AGM
All board positions are open for election or re-election.
Nominations may be made from the floor at the AGM
All directors must be active members of the association.