Spring Update April 2020

Spring Update April 2020

Postponement flags flying at the start of the day on day one of ...

All fleets, 2020 season postponed

It has certainly been a challenging time for everyone with close downs, lock downs and restrictive measures everywhere in an effort to slow the spread and work toward eventually eradicating the Covid 19 virus. It has been said before but all our front line workers of every stripe and skill deserve our gratitude.

In the midst of all this there has been a great deal of work going on at Alberta Sailing, Sail Canada and event organizers worldwide as plans get changed, cancelled or reset for a later possible start date. For the time being most advise staying home as much as possible, restrict travel to only that is necessary and maintain a 2 meter distance from others if you are out and about.

With the ice now rapidly melting, access to water and going sailing will be on the mind of many. Please be sure to check with local authorities before venturing out and respect all the current health guidelines and regulations. Remember, your local club may have additional rules to abide by.