Individuals can be members of Alberta Sailing and the Sail Canada either directly with ASA or through a member club. The cost is $28 per Active Participant member and can include your spouse and all as Associate members at no additional cost. Active Participants receive both an ASA and Sail Canada membership card while the family receive the ASA.
Some of the benefits to having an ASA membership card are;

  • Members can attend ASA development clinics for sailing, racing, race management and more,
  • Members can compete under the Sail Canada and ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing,
  • Members vote through their member clubs at ASA and Sail Canada general meetings,
  • Members can choose to receive newsletter from Sail Canada and Alberta Sailing,
  • Members are supporting Learn to developemtn programs for sailor, racers, cruisers, race officer and instructors,
  • Members support our National Sailing Team,
  • Members support the voice of recreational sailors at department of transport regulation meetings,
  • More members means more funding, which means we can do more to support you and your club,
  • All current and paid Sail Canada sailing, racing and cruising instructors are already members of Alberta Sailing and the Sail Canada and need not pay additional membership dues.

You can become a member of Alberta Sailing Association and Sail Canada by forwarding $28 along with your name, address, phone number, email address, spouses name where applicable and the namesof all children to be included as associate members. The ASA mailing address is P. O. Box 52058, RPO Edmonton Trail, Calgary, AB T2E 8K9. For more information call 403-618-2393 or